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  • Session Summary 10-12-2008 - Geek Related | A place to get . . .
    Session Summary 10 12 2008 Page 2 Korvosa, a reminder that is needed more even now than ever With the current troubles having caused almost the entire garrison to be deployed into the city, the characters arrive
  • Session Summaries | Geek Related
    Earlier years of session summaries are to be found on Bruce's Web site - from GURPS to Fading Suns to everything in between … Geek Related A place to get some role-playing game goodness
  • Session Summary 11-23-2008 - Geek Related
    Session Summary 11 23 2008 Page 4 away Valash contributes by engulfing the shark in an Electric Burning Hands spray Yvicca responds by summoning another shark, then casting her Dire Gaze upon Malcolm Malcolm shrugs it off, completely unaware that one possible outcome of her gaze is death He stabs his spear cleanly through the jigsaw shark, ending it
  • Freak Watch – Session Six | Geek Related
    The Freak Watch continues their heroics! See the campaign page for more Session Six Session Summary (3 page pdf) Well, thanks to La Catrina teleporting her possessed mom inside the mansion, now Smorgascorpse himself is on the rampage Which is the silliest villain name ever But, he summons zombies, takes control of the ghost of Meriweather Lewis,…
  • Geek-related. com - Geek-related Statistics
    Geek Related on WordPress com - A place to get some role-playing game goodness
  • KDE4 Save Current Session – DBUS to the Rescue | Harsh but . . .
    KDE4 Save Current Session - DBUS to the Rescue Biographical Kubuntu Laptop Build Linux LUG Max OS X Misc Open Source Reviews Technical tt280 Uncategorized April 2008
  • Critical Role: Episode 14 – Shopping and Shipping | Geek . . .
    After allowing themselves a single night's rest back in the city of Emon, Vox Machina sets out for their meeting with the Sovereign Uriel and the Council of
  • Coop-Rules? | Chronicle X | BoardGameGeek
    There was a lot of discussion about it in the comment forum at Kickstarter, and it was brought up during the Q A sessions A summary of what the game designer said during the big Q A session on January 3 (whole session summerized in another BGG thread):

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