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  • Stuxnet - Wikipedia
    Stuxnet is a malicious computer worm, first uncovered in 2010 Thought to have been in development since at least 2005, Stuxnet targets SCADA systems and is believed to be responsible for causing substantial damage to Iran's nuclear program Although neither country has openly admitted responsibility, the worm is believed to be a jointly built American Israeli cyberweapon
  • An Unprecedented Look at Stuxnet, the Worlds First . . .
    Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon
  • Stuxnet was work of U. S. and Israeli experts, officials . . .
    Even after software security companies discovered Stuxnet loose on the Internet in 2010, causing concern among U S officials, Obama secretly ordered the operation continued and authorized the use
  • Zero Days film tells the true story of the Stuxnet cyber . . .
    A new film gives a frightening look at how the US used cyberwarfare to destroy nukes
  • Stuxnet – Wikipedia
    Eigenschaften und Besonderheiten Stuxnet gilt aufgrund seiner Komplexität und des Ziels, Steuerungssysteme von Industrieanlagen zu sabotieren, als bisher einzigartig
  • NSA Virus Stuxnet Hacked Fukushima Before HAARP-Caused . . .
    As computers that harbor Stuxnet do not operate strangely, the virus can be transferred to a memory stick inadvertently According to the security company, the virus is designed to target a German-made program often used in systems managing water, gas and oil pipelines
  • Opinion | The Jerusalem Post
    Opinion: read the latest events, editorials, and journalists opinions on Zionism, Jewish Peoplehood, and their personal opinion about life in Israel
  • Stuxnet worm hits Iran nuclear plant staff computers - BBC . . .
    The West fears Iran's ultimate goal is to build nuclear weapons Iran says its programme is aimed solely at peaceful energy use Stuxnet is tailored to target weaknesses in Siemens systems used to

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