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  • ClubElo - Official Site
    Welcome to clubelo com, a website that provides Elo ratings for club football from the early days of the European Cups until today A club's Elo rating is an estimation of its strength based on past results allowing predictions for the future
  • Football Club Ratings (ELO) | 1x2 Soccer Betting System
    Soccer Ratings are similar to Football ELO Ratings: This is a Soccer Club Ranking List based on 1x2 betting odds ELO-Ratings (FIFA World Ranking) are usually calculated on results and show past performance We take odds to predict present team strength and apply it to football betting systems
  • World Football Elo Ratings - Wikipedia
    The World Football Elo Ratings is a ranking system for men's national association football teams that is published by the website eloratings net It is based on the Elo rating system but includes modifications to take various football-specific variables into account, like the margin of victory, importance of a match, and home field advantage
  • Methodology for Calculating FootballDatabases World . . .
    Background The World Football Elo Ratings is a ranking system for men's national teams in association football The method used to rank teams is based upon the Elo rating system method but modified to take various football-specific variables into account
  • Access clubelo. com. Football Club Elo Ratings
    Club Elo content, pages, accessibility, performance and more
  • World Football Elo Ratings
    Ratings for national football teams based on the Elo rating system
  • Elo ratings for English Premiership Clubs - sinceawin. com
    The rating method is adapted for football by taking into account a number of football related variables like home advantage, final score and goal difference Clubelo com has some excellent articles on adapting the Elo rating system for Club football
  • Football Betting Tips: Elo Ratings system - betstories. com
    The football betting tips and the efficiency of the betting system shown below are based on the Elo ratings, a ranking system that is used mainly in chess games The betting system’s testing period began on August 1st, 2012 A flat staking plan is followed in order to reach safe conclusions and be able to analyze the results’ data

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