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  • In The U. S. Virgin Islands, Health Care Remains In A . . .
    In The U S Virgin Islands, Health Care Remains In A Critical State In September, two Category 5 hurricanes devastated the region Now, its hospitals can no longer provide major surgery, cancer treatment or specialized care, forcing daily staff cuts and revenue loss
  • In The U. S. Virgin Islands, Health Care Remains In A . . .
    Patients seeking cancer treatment in the U S Virgin Islands must now go to the mainland The Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute at Schneider Regional Medical Center on St Thomas remains closed because of extensive damage to areas like the CAT scan suite
  • Health and Health Care in the U. S. Virgin Islands . . .
    Healthy Virgin Islands 2010 (USVI Department of Health 2003) The Task Force identified some 28 health concerns and disparities in the USVI The leading health concerns in the USVI centered on issues of access to quality health services for 1) heart disease and stroke, 2) cancer, 3) diabetes, and 4) HIV infection
  • In the U. S. Virgin Islands, health care remains in a . . .
    In the U S Virgin Islands, health care remains in a critical state NPR, February 5, 2018 Health care in the U S Virgin Islands remains in a critical state, five months after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria pummeled the region
  • Healthcare in the British Virgin Islands - Wikipedia
    In addition, many residents of the British Virgin Islands maintain private health insurance which allows them to access health care services in the United States Territorial health issues [ edit ] Obesity , hypertension and diabetes are amongst the most prevalent of routine health issues in the British Virgin Islands
  • Frequently Asked Questions | US Virgin Islands
    When is the best time to visit the U S Virgin Islands? The U S Virgin Islands is a year-round destination; however, you may find the best bargains on hotels and attractions during the summer months Can I travel with my pet? The islands are very pet-friendly However, only a few hotels allow pets, so check with your hotel beforehand There are no quarantine regulations, but airlines do require a health certificate from your veterinarian (certifying that shots are up to date)
  • Virgin Islands Health Information Exchange
    “The U S Virgin Islands Department of Health is committed to providing accessible, affordable, confidential and comprehensive, quality health care to all Virgin Islands residents and visitors, educating the community toward the development of positive lifestyles and protecting the
  • After Irma and Maria: How 3 Spots on the U. S. Virgin . . .
    After Irma and Maria: How 3 Spots on the U S Virgin Islands Are Faring More than two months after the disaster on the U S Virgin Islands began, we checked back on some spots that we visited and photographed not long after the storms hit

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