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    Kamchatka superbolide NASA reports that it has detected a huge meteor explosion in Earth's atmosphere on December 18, 2018, above Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula The explosion went largely unnoticed due to its location The explosion, which was ten times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was the second largest of its kind in 30 years
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    See the sortable table below for the articles with the longest titles Note: The MediaWiki software used by Wikipedia limits the length of the titles to 255 bytes, thus some titles that would be longer than the ones in the table below are not included For instance, the full title of When the Pawn would be 445 bytes
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Shoryuken Wiki!
    Introduction Super Street Fighter II Turbo, or Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge in Japan, is the fifth revision of Street Fighter II
  • US President Barack Obamas Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham . . .
    Barack Obama's grandfather Stanley Dunham worked in Ponca City, Oklahoma for three years between 1949 and 1952 Dunham worked as a salesman for Jay Paris Furniture While in Ponca City, Dunhams daugheter, Stanley Ann Dunham attend first, second, and thrid grades in Ponca City School System

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