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  • Stuxnet and the next major war . . .
    Stuxnet and the next major war Submitted by bbloodworth on Thu, 02 28 2013 - 09:34 Experts are saying that the next major war will be fought on the internet using malware like Stuxnet
  • The Next Major War will include Cyber Attacks | Prep-Blog. com
    (And the cyberwar would likely be accompanied by a trade war as well ) It is unlikely that the next major war will strike U S soil But a cyber-attack on U S soil is very likely And the attack could come from a relatively small nation It used to be the case, with conventional war, that a small nation could not take on a large nation
  • Between which nations will the next major war most likely . . .
    The next major war will involve all the major military powers of the world, which are the United States, Russia, and China The circumstances in which these powers might become involved in a major conflict could occur in unpredictable and multiple ways
  • Pentagon: The Next Major War Will Be Fought with Cyberweapons
    The alleged hacking of the last US elections by the Russian government, the anonymous cyberattack that hit the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, the Stuxnet virus that sabotaged the Iranian nuclear program in 2010 — such events serve as a reminder that the next form of international conflict will be heavily dependent on cyberweapons
  • A Declaration of Cyber-War | Vanity Fair
    Stuxnet is the Hiroshima of cyber-war That is its true significance, and all the speculation about its target and its source should not blind us to that larger reality
  • Stuxnet and the Limits of Cyber Warfare - erikgartzke. com
    Stuxnet, the computer worm which disrupted Iranian nuclear enrichment infrastructure in 2010, is the first instance of computer network attack known to cause physical damage across international boundaries Some have described Stuxnet as the harbinger of a new form of digital warfare which threatens even the strongest military powers
  • Stuxnet reveals risks of cyber war -- GCN
    Stuxnet shows cyber war is trickier than it may seem By William Jackson; Nov 29, 2010; Analysts in government and industry are learning more about the complex Stuxnet worm, a sophisticated and apparently purposely-built cyber weapon designed to attack specific automated industrial control systems
  • The United States Army War College
    Army War College Press, U S Army War College, Carlisle, PA attacks by terrorists as a major concern for national security To date, no large-scale cyber-terrorist attack questions give a characterization of the post-Stuxnet cyberterrorism threat The next question is why a ma-jor cyber-terrorist attack has not happened yet; this is

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