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  • Top 10 Inventions of the Middle Ages - Listverse
    The middle ages (5th – 15th Centuries AD), often termed The Dark Ages, were actually a time of great discovery and invention The Middle ages also saw major advances in technologies that already existed, and the adoption of many Eastern technologies in the West This is a list of the ten greatest
  • 10 Amazing Viking Inventions And Innovations - Listverse
    Most Viking inventions and innovations were related to the hit-and-run military campaigns conducted during their raids and involved shipbuilding, camping, combat, and other related practical enterprises Despite their penchant for waging guerrilla warfare, it seems that the Vikings were vain about their appearance
  • The Epic History of Everyday Things | History Channel on . . .
    THE EPIC HISTORY OF EVERYDAY THINGS PROGRAMME LENGTH 2 hours SCREENING DETAILS Monday December 15 at 9 30am EST NZ This program investigates the origins and history of 16 everyday things
  • Arabs - Wikipedia
    Arabs ( ˈ ær ə b z ; Arabic: عَرَب ‎, ISO 233 ‘arab; Arabic pronunciation: ()) are a population inhabiting the Arab world They primarily live in the Arab states in Western Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and western Indian Ocean islands They also form a significant diaspora, with Arab communities established around the world The first mention of Arabs is from the mid
  • Book: Pedophilia Empire – Satan, Sodomy, the Deep . . .
    Book by Joachim Hagopian: Pedophilia Empire – Satan, Sodomy, the Deep State This book is unfinished, more chapters are being written all the time

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