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  • United States energy independence - Wikipedia
    U S energy independence relates to the goal of reducing the United States imports of petroleum and other foreign sources of energy Energy independence is espoused by those who want to leave the U S unaffected by global energy supply disruptions, and to restrict reliance upon politically unstable states for its energy security Energy independence is highly concerned with oil, the source of
  • Chinas New Destroyer, The U. S. Navys Anti-Ship . . . - Forbes
    China's new 055 navy destroyer, armed with long-range supersonic YJ-18 anti-ship missiles, upsets the military status quo in Asia It will fuel an Asian arms race, political tensions, and
  • The 15 Crucial Steps Needed To Achieve Financial Independence
    Just about everybody wants to become financially independent – so why do so few people get there? One of the secrets to attaining financial independence is that it doesn't usually "just happen"
  • Energy development - Wikipedia
    Energy development is the field of activities focused on obtaining sources of energy from natural resources These activities include production of conventional, alternative and renewable sources of energy, and for the recovery and reuse of energy that would otherwise be wasted Energy conservation and efficiency measures reduce the demand for energy development, and can have benefits to
  • AllGov - Departments
    Overview The Department of Energy (DOE) is a cabinet-level agency that has both important energy- and national security-related missions DOE’s roots go all the way back to World War II and the Manhattan Project, the top-secret program that launched America’s effort to develop and stockpile nuclear weapons
  • Shale Bubble
    This “shale revolution,” we’re told, will fundamentally change the U S energy picture for decades to come—leading to energy independence, a rebirth of U S manufacturing, and a surplus supply of both oil and natural gas that can be exported to allies around the world
  • Energy Revolution: The New Fuel Creating a $48 Trillion . . .
    How a Nobel Prize winner's game-changing discovery will soon make oil obsolete by unlocking unlimited free energy through solar power

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